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they deleted my flash

2016-11-19 01:40:05 by Jesus-Owns-X

all joking a salad, they deleted my only real flash animation on this site. good luck to your shitpost of a website that barely operates anymore. fucking audacious cunts.1926539_147953758432_1476834301235.jpg

Positive Assets

2016-06-07 00:51:47 by Jesus-Owns-X


Building the future and keeping the past alive are one and the same thing.1926539_146527505691_spaceman.png






Total Payment

2016-01-16 02:42:15 by Jesus-Owns-X



Have you decided?

Pretty sure you're there.

2015-01-25 22:36:36 by Jesus-Owns-X

Can we make it?




People only live as long as you do.

2014-09-16 10:46:04 by Jesus-Owns-X


Are you there?


2013-09-05 06:22:51 by Jesus-Owns-X



Little Bribes.

2013-07-29 12:28:20 by Jesus-Owns-X


Little Bribes.

I can change.

2013-02-28 23:44:40 by Jesus-Owns-X

If it helps you fall in love.

I can change.

Nothing's free but time when you're so damn poor.
But the past is death row,
And the future's a battlefield,
I hope we choose the right war.

Because I've been fist fighting gravity,
Since the day I learned how to breathe,
And I still wake up on the same cold floor i fell asleep on.

So I won't, but we shall overcome someday,
I can't do it alone, but I shall be free someday,
I don't know how to live,
But I'm sick of learning how to die.

Vampires are Poseurs (Song for the Breathing)

My reaction to this site still being up and used by the exact same age group we all were when we found this place before moving on.

It's like an infinite fucking time machine for teenagers.

From here till utopia (song for the desperate)